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this is me ( *w*)/

dogdiri chat bot :)

it’s first day of my birth month. my facebook friends update theirs wall by posting screenshot they chatting to bot “SimSimi”.

I played it 😀 and post to my fanpage’s wall.
(right avatar image not original, I edited it and use my avatar instead)

me: do you think you cute? yellow ball.
SimSimi: cute more than your armpit hair.
me: my armpit hair are cute like a ribbon.
SimSimi: I have no response.
me: i have no response?
SimSimi: You speak like me, you idoit.
me: !!!

ok, that was funny.
some commented my picture where they can talk with this dogface bot.
yup, dogface bot. not SimSimi.
so i create new bot to let them use *just for funny 🙂

1st day, it was so stupid… (btw, today still stupid) in that night i re-structure again.
2nd day, ok its fine to talks now, some people come to talk and teach the words.
3rd day… my hosting down!! I received email from my hosting that the bot process running and used hosting CPU overload… and MANY MANY people come to talk with this bot !! (ok, i happy but.. my others site down also for many hours 🙁 )

but today i fixed the problem, if you wanna try goes here

for this app i wanna say… SimSimi, you’re my idol!

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dogfaceboy avatar maker on web

last month i created dogfaceflood, dogfaceloikratong and lastest is dogfacefreeze
ไทยๆ ก็ ด.ช.หน้าหมา หน้าหมาตกน้ำ หน้าหมาลอยกระทง และหน้าหมาหนาวจัง

they are all require facebook login to create these avatar.

today i re create them again on web, no facebook login needed.

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MD5 base64_encode base64_decode D-:

i forgot my password for login my project extreamly super many much time.
so i have to see directly in database record.

but, my many of my project password record encode password to md5
so, how? sure that i can’t recover my password
then i have to enter new password as md5 encorded

i create this easy common page for use on my localhost.
my friends love to use this so i decide to upload to let everyone use 🙂


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Dogfaceflood – หน้าหมาตกน้ำ :D

i forgot about this blog already…

btw, major floods are occurring during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand.
i pray for Thailand. (sure, i live here!)

we’ll pass this together

btw2, I have little project for everyone to relax in this situation.
yey, Dogfaceflood หน้าหมาตกน้ำ นั่นเอง :D, avatar maker application.
it’s Facebook application, try it here

i really happy that many user use this silly application in 3 days although its just a short period. i can’t believe that the application that i dev in 2-3

hours in dinner time at steak house will popular like this. ขอบคุณ ขอบคุณ ขอบคุณ 🙂


after that, its time for loy-kratong-day in Thailand (วันลอยกระทง). but the situation still not good to ลอยกระทง so i hope i can help people again.

Dogfaceloikratong หน้าหมาลอยกระทง application lunch 2days before loy-kratong day.
here is link,

what else? i don’t know what to write anymore
c ya.

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nonopic project

my old project game puzzle on Facebook platform.

picture-crossword game (picross-like?)
to play the game there’re tutorial when first time start to play.
btw, my tutorial may not good enough for play advance level.
read more how to solve the puzzle on wiki is better 😀

Solve the puzzle before your opponent did it for World Ranking

Solve the puzzle before your opponent did it for World Ranking

Solve the picture before timeout !

Solve the picture before timeout !

Win the game, your best game will record to our replay tape :D

Win the game, your best game will record to our replay tape 😀

hope someone like this 😀


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Hello! Kith Project :D

umm, is this blog look ok?

ok! just for me, that is ok 😀


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