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dogfaceboy avatar maker on web

last month i created dogfaceflood, dogfaceloikratong and lastest is dogfacefreeze
ไทยๆ ก็ ด.ช.หน้าหมา หน้าหมาตกน้ำ หน้าหมาลอยกระทง และหน้าหมาหนาวจัง

they are all require facebook login to create these avatar.

today i re create them again on web, no facebook login needed.

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MD5 base64_encode base64_decode D-:

i forgot my password for login my project extreamly super many much time.
so i have to see directly in database record.

but, my many of my project password record encode password to md5
so, how? sure that i can’t recover my password
then i have to enter new password as md5 encorded

i create this easy common page for use on my localhost.
my friends love to use this so i decide to upload to let everyone use 🙂


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