dogdiri chat bot :)

it’s first day of my birth month. my facebook friends update theirs wall by posting screenshot they chatting to bot “SimSimi”.

I played it 😀 and post to my fanpage’s wall.
(right avatar image not original, I edited it and use my avatar instead)

me: do you think you cute? yellow ball.
SimSimi: cute more than your armpit hair.
me: my armpit hair are cute like a ribbon.
SimSimi: I have no response.
me: i have no response?
SimSimi: You speak like me, you idoit.
me: !!!

ok, that was funny.
some commented my picture where they can talk with this dogface bot.
yup, dogface bot. not SimSimi.
so i create new bot to let them use *just for funny 🙂

1st day, it was so stupid… (btw, today still stupid) in that night i re-structure again.
2nd day, ok its fine to talks now, some people come to talk and teach the words.
3rd day… my hosting down!! I received email from my hosting that the bot process running and used hosting CPU overload… and MANY MANY people come to talk with this bot !! (ok, i happy but.. my others site down also for many hours 🙁 )

but today i fixed the problem, if you wanna try goes here www.dogdiri.com

for this app i wanna say… SimSimi, you’re my idol!

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